Platoon (film)

Platoon (Film) 1986 Oliver Stone
Platoon (Film) 1986 Oliver Stone

I remember watching this movie as a kid in the 1980’s. This movie was pretty graphic and violent for a war film, well Rambo was pretty bad too, but as I kid I just thought, well I guess Life is violent.  So this scene stood out along with the raping girl scene because its about power. Whether the man is working with the enemy or not, this solider has determined that he is the enemy and is going to make him pay for it by humiliating him and killing his kid, after he’s just killed the man’s wife. The soliders that are watching are just as bad, because they’re all watching like its a cartoon or film. But they have the same power as Sgt. Elias. They just chose not to use it. The Lieutenant is impotent as well. So you have all these factions and emotions going on and people’s lives are at stake. There are other issues with this film as well. But on a different note from a studio or distributor perspective is cost, it cost 6 million to make and made over 138 million dollars. Really? Yes, that’s a ridiculous return. Well, enjoy the film my friends.

Platoon Trailer

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