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Interview with rod Sterling and Twilight Zone “The Movie”

So online surfing the world wide web and came across this pretty cool interview with Rod Sterling and CBS interview with Mike Wallace. He gave me an idea. He talked about being a writer and being castrated in regards to saying what you really want to say as a writer. So I’m going to take a different route primarily to Video On Demand and Amazon, and word of mouth. But the stories that I want to tell have to continue to be told. Well enjoy. I hope this man inspires you writers and much as he has inspired me, have a great day.

I thought I would throw this piece in just to be funny, it’s  scene many of us know, and if you don’t know now you know. Lol. winjoy.


Film Maker Quotes

Film Quotes

Along with a film quote this lovely morning I am providing you with a motivational video for the creatives and dreamers and everyone else in between. Stay positive, stay focused and stay successful.

The Twilight Zone: A Piano In the House

This was a really good episode of the Twilight Zone. It had a lot of messages, mostly hidden, but what I got from it is that sometimes, we say we want the truth, but sometimes the truth isn’t what we thought it would be. Enjoy.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a pretty good show. There were a lot of themes that I found interesting and what not. I think Ben Stiller might secretly be these characters because he plays them so well. The guy who’s normal but has this other side he represses that so wild in direct contrast to the person he allows or has conditioning himself to be. I don’t want to give away too much of the people but it was pretty good. The story was interesting and compelling and talked a lot about Human Nature.

By the way the budget for this film was 90 million dollars and as of recently has grossed around 188 million worldwide so around double the money. Well enjoy. Until next time check out the imdb link and trailer to the film. I watched this on HBO, so if you have cable then go ahead and check it out.

IMDB Link:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer

The Counselor (2013)

So decided to relax and watch films yesterday to learn some more cinematic techniques and what not. I watched this movie. Wow, talk about twisted it was pretty twisted and a lot of blood shed. Don’t take my word for it but watch it. One word, there is a way to stop that device I figured it out, I’m sure if you can think outside the box, you know it too. I kind of wish the ending was different but it wasn’t oh well, boo hoo, lol. Well watch the movie, here’s the IMDB link,

By the way this movie whether you like it or not was made for around 25 million, as of August 8, 2014 it has grossed 71 million worldwide, is it the storyline, the big names, the storyline, plot, who knows, fox 2000 studios, scott free productions and others took a risk and won.