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This was another Haunted House Film or Short Film that is designed to scare you so enjoy……….Wwhhhhhooohhha aha aha


Found this one online this morning. I think you’ll like it…..just a little twist on an old Disney classic….the power of story…….Enjoy.

Halloween Short Horror Film

So online searching for Halloween Short Films and stumbled upon this….don’t tell me the scantily clad women in the opening scene had nothing to do with why you want to stay and watch……well enjoy. it was pretty good….great shots and simple storyline but it worked…….


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Rod Sterling Interview at UCLA

I found this video online while watching was pretty good…..the kids from UCLA were trying to stump him and he would answer and respond to their questions…in a very formal and professional manner. Just the way he responds to questions you can see the way he thinks and how is mind moves…pretty dynamic…well I hope you took away from it what I did…..enjoy.

Is Writing for Television difficult?

So I generally write in my free time among other things and lately have been curious and slowly venturing into writing for television. So I found this short video that talked about the subject….I thought this was pretty interesting…maybe you’ll like it too. Enjoy.

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The Twilight Zone – The Jeopardy Room

This is so Awesome the writing in this episode. What you think is…what you think isn’t is…that’s all I can say because I don’t want to give it away but its funny when someone wishes you ill will……….Enjoy.