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Film Director Quotes by Jackie Chan

Besides entertainment and action, I want to educate. You know, as a producer or director, we do have a responsibility to society.



Shaolin Soccer Film

Now I was sitting down eating a sandwich and this film came on the television. It was pretty funny, it had me laughing so hard. The film director or creator of the film was a genius. He combined the two elements of Soccer and Kung Fu like a boss. Both fans on both sides are very passionate, self defense experts and soccer fanatics. So check out this clip, here’s the poster for the film as well. This movie was hilarious.

shaolin soccer movie poster directed by Stephen Chow
shaolin soccer movie poster directed by Stephen Chow


Filmmaker Quotes

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: You Can’t Trust a Man

This was a clip about past relationships and people. Sometimes people try to cut corners only to find out that the corners they cut wasn’t worth it or they shouldn’t have. But sometimes it takes a situation to occur for people to realize who others are. Enough talking in circles, enjoy the show.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Shopping For Death

This was a really good film about people going to look for what they want and finding it. So enjoy the film for what it’s worth. The suspense wasn’t as strong in this film. It told a story but nothing that really drawed me in, it was more like a twilight zone episode.