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Life Of A King Film directed by Jake Goldberger

This was a great film directed by Jake Goldberger starring Cuba Gooding Jr. This was a really great movie. Lots of up and downs, but the overall story was great. To me the film was about a reformed janitor who takes some kids and shows them that they have more talent in themselves than they have been given themselves credit for. So when you get a chance check it on or netflix……here……………………….

watch the trailer…..

The Shining Horror Film by Stanley Kubrick

So after reading about Stanley Kubrick being one of the greatest visionary film makers of all time I decided to check out his material and see what I was missing. It turns out he’s as good as they saw he is. Very talented men indeed he is. So many hidden meanings, but he told story the whole time. Some of the long takes were long but they worked all worked well. But thanks basically it, the elevator blood scene is pretty memorable. So check out this film if you haven’t already and Stanley thanks for sticking to your creative vision……

Elevator blood scene

A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick

After all the fan fare and beginning cinematographer and director, I decided to watch A Clockwork Orange. It was really good. Really good. I see why he’s so visionary. Not only were the settings and shots exemplary of teenage rebeliion but many of the props showed what youth’s minds are focused on and how unbridled and care free the youth of the era as well as youth in general feel about decision making. It was also a good lesson or statement on society’s over reaction to youth doing what many of the ideas that have been planted in their head to tell them to do subconsciously. You have to watch the film 3 times to really understand what the film was about and what the director was saying. so check it out here’s the link.

A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick

A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick
A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick