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The Midnight Sun – Twilight Zone

This was a pretty cool episode..not gonna spoil it for you..but it has something to do with a hot sun….reminds me of California’s drought. well enjoy. One key trait that they showed is the Desperation of humanity..and the things that people will do when desperate. Enjoy.


Imagination Quote

“Reason is intelligence taking exercise. Imagination is intelligence with an erection.”
Victor Hugo

Low Budget Horror Films by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company “Trois Like It Hot”

So created this short film called, Trois like it Hot, a short film about these 3 female serial killers who go around seducing and killing men. It should be good. We have everything in place. Just learning some film and lighting techniques, still wondering if I’m gonna need more GORE or less gore. I think gore has kind of been overdone already so maybe it should be more subtle but happen. Casted and have the actors in place script written with improvised dialogue who knows what the film will become, maybe great, maybe not, but I got it out of me, so in that essence, we won. Either way enjoy your day or night, Look out for these sets of films coming. Here’s a quick article about low budget horror films don’t forget to check out Trois like it Hot on vimeo on demand. Thanks.

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
― Oscar Wilde

I am the spider by Electramorhipism for Movie Talk See

This movie was a short film that was finally produced by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company called I am the spider. Its a fictional tale of a hypnotic spider that finds people and paralyzes them with hypnotic thought and they cant move. Then he eats the victim. Pretty weird concept yes I know. But it was fun making. thanks.