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#Blacula: #Horror #Film by William Crain

This was a cool project that I saw online about a guy named blacula and his different scenarios that he encountered.  He’s dealing with all kinds of ups and down.s but he still finds a way.  Lol watch this film you’ll like it alot of twist and turns, if you are hihghly religious then don’t watch this film.  But either way enjoy it.

Blacula directed by Wiliam Crain. horror film
Blacula directed by Wiliam Crain. horror film

Scary Thoughts – A short horror film by Hugh Sweeney

This was a pretty cool horror film that I found online…the director did all the filming himself..and I must say he did an outstanding job…he must LOVE his craft…so enjoy..and share..


Cynthia -A short horror film HD

Browsing around the internet this morning and came across this short horror film. It was interesting to say the least in regards to set up and delivery. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Check it out yourself. Enjoy.

The Poltergeist (1982)

Of course as a kid I remember watching this film with my family. It was an awesome film. The lady with the weird squeaky voice made the film more scary than it actually was……..the film in hind site is more about the middle class fear of losing their status or position by unknown means…as the intro talks about everything being the same and looking the same….maybe I’m reading too much into it. But the kids are affected..everything is affected. Well here’s the trailer you be the judge. Have a Great Day.

I am the Spider “Short Film”

Hello All. Here’s a short film created by Electramorhipism for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company.  Abraham Solano played the Husband in this short film and Jaqueline Iriarte played the victim. Thanks again for getting me started. I haven’t forgotten where I came from. So for all you sci-fi fans out there, enjoy. Yes, this is where we started at. Man, cant believe it. Thanks again all.

Trois Like it Hot by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

Concrete Studios
Concrete Studios

So this is what we first started out with while building the set for Trois Like it Hot, yes I realize its a study space and yes I realize that the set doesn’t look as life like as it could, but in spite of that the actors and actresses did a great job of performing and making the assumption that the studio apartment was real. No worries, have fun, more updates, coming soon. Thanks. Look for Trois Like it Hot on Vimeo on demand soon. Like next week. Until then, movie, talk, see, do, out.