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The Fastest Gun Alive (1956)

So was talking with a movie afficiando at work about different movies and what not and he put me on to this film. Its a movie about a former gunslinger who chooses to not do it any more because he’s too fast. But he changes his mind again once confronted with a certain situation. Thought it would be good for you’ll to check out now, yah hear. Lol. Here’s a imdb link to the film.


A link to the trailer,


To but the film check it out here:

Marketing a Short Film

So as I come up with inexpensive ideas about how to market the films we are producing I came across some very interesting articles. Here’s one
But my basic strategy for generating buzz is to go online to short film forums and see whats up. I also will walk around college campuses and message boards and post mini flyers of the shorts to generate some buzz. Other than that I have no idea. But that never stopped anyone that was determined to do anything. So until next time this is Movie Talk See signing out.