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The Twilight Zone: The Silence

This was a kind of a cruel episode and deals with the POWER that some men use on others, as well as the desperation of other men and the situations that they put themselves into. Well enjoy.

The Twilight Zone: 99 Years Without Slumbering

This was a good episode that deals with family issues, aging parents, and the unexpected. Enjoy.

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Twilight Zone: Night of the Meek

This was a really good episode, I took from it sometimes our circumstances aren’t as bad as we perceive them to be. Enjoy.

The Twilight Zone: People are alike all over


I thought this episode was really good. It was about two future astronauts. They crash land on Mars and some interestings happen, this is a great episode about FEAr, and the unknown, and things that stop us or how we stop ourselves from enjoying all that life has to offer. Enjoy.


The Twilight Zone: The Brain Center at Whipples

This was a really good Twilight Zone…it talked about downsizing…and how many times……we look to be more successful by using machines…but many times…Machines…aren’t people…..we sometimes forget that…………


The Twilight Zone: Death’s Head Revisited

Hello All. This was a very good episode of the Twilight Zone……..about a former German Nazi Captain in charge of a death camp..who revisits the camp..and runs into the ghosts of people he killed.


The Midnight Sun – Twilight Zone

This was a pretty cool episode..not gonna spoil it for you..but it has something to do with a hot sun….reminds me of California’s drought. well enjoy. One key trait that they showed is the Desperation of humanity..and the things that people will do when desperate. Enjoy.