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First off I have to apologize for all the posts that I have written about the Twilight zone because in each post I have wrote Rod Sterling…when it should have been Rod Serling….so I posthumously apologize to Mr. Serling himself and presently to his family and descendants….thanks again for your great creative and social contribution..yours truly Jamaal R. James.


The Twilight Zone: The Whole Truth

In this episode of the twilight zone..this one is about a used car salesman..and salesman in general. But its pretty good….a lot of times conman like to play games with people and money and terms and agreements…all to make an extra buck..when many times they just needed to do what was right……Enjoy. Once again great writing.

The Twilight Zone: Five Characters in Search of an Exit

This was not just a great episode but a GREAT me the episode deals with life and the issues of life…and the existential questions like what are we here for and how did we get here…I also like the dynamic interplay between the characters as well…once again..great storytelling….


The Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson

This was another good episode it dealt with time travel and the uniqueness of all that. It was pretty good. the writing once again…well done.  So many issues dealt with just by taking people out of their normal frame of mind and putting them in different circumstances……..



The Twilight Zone – Where Is Everybody?

The twilight zone…were back well I don’t think I showed this one before…but this is the one that started then all…it appeared to be a little bizarre but I think that was the drift it was supposed to be weird and the intro episode explains all that….enjoy.


Rod Sterling Interview at UCLA

I found this video online while watching was pretty good…..the kids from UCLA were trying to stump him and he would answer and respond to their questions…in a very formal and professional manner. Just the way he responds to questions you can see the way he thinks and how is mind moves…pretty dynamic…well I hope you took away from it what I did…..enjoy.

The Twilight Zone – The Jeopardy Room

This is so Awesome the writing in this episode. What you think is…what you think isn’t is…that’s all I can say because I don’t want to give it away but its funny when someone wishes you ill will……….Enjoy.





The Twilight Zone: The Encounter

Whoever wrote this story had to have first hand experienced these scenarios and situations in order to write this well….or he or she must have a vivid imagination. Once again I’m not going to give away the episode but man the social issues brought up in this 30 minute tv episode were outstanding. So watch the episode…a clue is it deals with World War 2 and Veterans and social issues in regards to patriotism and bravery or false bravery.


The Twilight Zone-A World of Difference

This episode was pretty perplexing is funny but not funny to see how easy one can slip into fantasy. Man times people get into character especially a lot of actors and become these villians who they portray..but there’s always a price to pay sad to say. Not going to give the storyline away but check it out.