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‘Hello Bitches’-Dance Performance Video

Well I usually don’t mix films with music videos..but this music video captivated me so much that I had to share it…the visuals were outstanding and the dance choreography was amazing on on point throughout the video. So I had to share…enjoy and go show her some love. The video also told a story.


Alone in the Dark – A 2-Minute Horror Short Film

This was a short film  that I found online about a female that is alone at home with these different…..HA HA..not gonna give it away, you have to check it out.

“Valentines Day” short Film directed by Oscar Beltran Cuba

This was a pretty cool Valentine’s Day short film. I don’t want to give it away but sit dow and watch it and enjoy. It was pretty cool. The shots were nice and the clarity of story flows well, so check it out and go show these creators some Love. Thanks.

The Art of LOVE-Short Film

I was surfing on the web again and came across this short film and decided to share it with you. It was pretty cool. It was about Love and Life and how people often meet accidently. The storytelling is actually really well because their is very little dialogue if any..but it’s there…so enjoy…and go give this director some feedback and love…thank you.