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Beauty Short Film directed by Isaiah Johnson

This was a great narrative/short film directed by Isaiah Johnson. It was pretty good. Just check it and out and listen to what’s being said. Enjoy.

“Valentines Day” short Film directed by Oscar Beltran Cuba

This was a pretty cool Valentine’s Day short film. I don’t want to give it away but sit dow and watch it and enjoy. It was pretty cool. The shots were nice and the clarity of story flows well, so check it out and go show these creators some Love. Thanks.

I am the Spider “Short Film”

Hello All. Here’s a short film created by Electramorhipism for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company.  Abraham Solano played the Husband in this short film and Jaqueline Iriarte played the victim. Thanks again for getting me started. I haven’t forgotten where I came from. So for all you sci-fi fans out there, enjoy. Yes, this is where we started at. Man, cant believe it. Thanks again all.

Marketing a Short Film

So as I come up with inexpensive ideas about how to market the films we are producing I came across some very interesting articles. Here’s one
But my basic strategy for generating buzz is to go online to short film forums and see whats up. I also will walk around college campuses and message boards and post mini flyers of the shorts to generate some buzz. Other than that I have no idea. But that never stopped anyone that was determined to do anything. So until next time this is Movie Talk See signing out.