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This was a pretty cool short film made a kid and his friend. The shots were really good and told the story without the words. If you watch the story or film without sound you can still tell whats happening in the story. Enjoy.

“Valentines Day” short Film directed by Oscar Beltran Cuba

This was a pretty cool Valentine’s Day short film. I don’t want to give it away but sit dow and watch it and enjoy. It was pretty cool. The shots were nice and the clarity of story flows well, so check it out and go show these creators some Love. Thanks.

Snuffed (Short Film) directed by Peter S. Lee

Enjoy this short film about human trafficking and trickery. It was pretty deep. the dialogue was simple but easily conveyed heavy emotion. Great job, Director Lee. Enjoy everyone.


The Twilight Zone-The 7th is Made of Phantoms

This one kind of made my head hurt because of the time interactions. If you really think about it time doesn’t stop…the only thing that separates now from the past is time. So in time we are still in the past as well as the present and the future. Enough ranting see what Mr. Sterling was trying to say enjoy.