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The Twilight Zone: Long Distance Call

This was a pretty good episode of the twilight zone. In this episode the family has a death and someone in the family doesn’t want to leave this realm alone. Okay enough jabbering. Go check it.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Bang, You’re Dead

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

This episode was pretty good as well as it dealt with children and the importance of keeping things where they should be and inaccessible to children…..this would have made a great PSA. So enjoy………

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Road Hog

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

So in this episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents a road rage incident leads to more things happening then you would think possible……pretty good episode again, you have to watch.


The Twilight Zone: The Whole Truth

In this episode of the twilight zone..this one is about a used car salesman..and salesman in general. But its pretty good….a lot of times conman like to play games with people and money and terms and agreements…all to make an extra buck..when many times they just needed to do what was right……Enjoy. Once again great writing.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Special delivery

In this episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents…if you were drunk then I can see how this would be scary……or really into the storyline….the suspense was there but not as strong as it is in the twilight zone….but I could be off or biased since I’m a die hard twilight zone fan…well you be the judge and check it out for yourself. Not going to give it away..but on another note mail order campaigns might not be a bad idea…….