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The Twilight Zone: And When the Sky Was Opened

This was a pretty trippy episode the twilight zone. This is a space crew that went on a trip to outer space. They all make it back and but each one of them remembers something different as to what happened during the trip that the others don’t recall or recognize. Sometimes and always things are never the same. LOL. Great job again guys thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

The Twilight Zone: The Whole Truth

In this episode of the twilight zone..this one is about a used car salesman..and salesman in general. But its pretty good….a lot of times conman like to play games with people and money and terms and agreements…all to make an extra buck..when many times they just needed to do what was right……Enjoy. Once again great writing.

The AirWolf Television Series

So yes, The AirWolf TV series. I believe in the 80s the show was successful because the cold war was going on at the time and war and secret missions were topics that were on the American mind. Oh well, here’s a mini clip of some re-runs. Enjoy. As well as links to the IMDB page and Wikipedia page. Enjoy.

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