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Vision Quotes by Cecil Beaton

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Bang, You’re Dead

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

This episode was pretty good as well as it dealt with children and the importance of keeping things where they should be and inaccessible to children…..this would have made a great PSA. So enjoy………

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Road Hog

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

So in this episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents a road rage incident leads to more things happening then you would think possible……pretty good episode again, you have to watch.


The Twilight Zone: People are alike all over


I thought this episode was really good. It was about two future astronauts. They crash land on Mars and some interestings happen, this is a great episode about FEAr, and the unknown, and things that stop us or how we stop ourselves from enjoying all that life has to offer. Enjoy.


Film Director: Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa Great Film Director From Japan
Akira Kurosawa Great Film Director From Japan


So online, surfing the web again, and came across this leader in Art, Cinema, and Literature, and a man who CNN and Asian Week Magazine cited as a person who made Asia a better place. Go ahead read on click the picture or link and read more.

Robocop Mr Kinney VS Ed 209 “Classic Scene”


Robocop (1987) Ed 209 Office Scene
Robocop (1987) Ed 209 Office Scene

So thinking about old school Classics and remembered this scene as a kid. Man is it violent. But the director was also sending a message. That guy said yes sir to everything, turned into a corporate yes man. And yes, it didn’t work out for him. So I guess that’s the message I got. Until next time.

I am the Spider “Short Film”

Hello All. Here’s a short film created by Electramorhipism for James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company.  Abraham Solano played the Husband in this short film and Jaqueline Iriarte played the victim. Thanks again for getting me started. I haven’t forgotten where I came from. So for all you sci-fi fans out there, enjoy. Yes, this is where we started at. Man, cant believe it. Thanks again all.

Adventures of Power directed by Ari Gold

This was a really awesome movie that I saw a few years back. It was really funny. There are alot of hidden messages that I saw. Apparently alot of people didn’t see it. But I did. Watch for yourself and see if you can see the messages that he is trying to send. That’s it. Thanks again. Movie Talk See Out.

Marketing a Short Film

So as I come up with inexpensive ideas about how to market the films we are producing I came across some very interesting articles. Here’s one
But my basic strategy for generating buzz is to go online to short film forums and see whats up. I also will walk around college campuses and message boards and post mini flyers of the shorts to generate some buzz. Other than that I have no idea. But that never stopped anyone that was determined to do anything. So until next time this is Movie Talk See signing out.

Low Budget Horror Films by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company “Trois Like It Hot”

So created this short film called, Trois like it Hot, a short film about these 3 female serial killers who go around seducing and killing men. It should be good. We have everything in place. Just learning some film and lighting techniques, still wondering if I’m gonna need more GORE or less gore. I think gore has kind of been overdone already so maybe it should be more subtle but happen. Casted and have the actors in place script written with improvised dialogue who knows what the film will become, maybe great, maybe not, but I got it out of me, so in that essence, we won. Either way enjoy your day or night, Look out for these sets of films coming. Here’s a quick article about low budget horror films don’t forget to check out Trois like it Hot on vimeo on demand. Thanks.