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Dream Quotes by James Cameron


Dream Is Collapsing Insane Edition

So if you haven’t seen the movie Inception, then please go watch it. This soundtrack has been playing in my head over and over and it inspired a short film called, “The Game of Sand” so look for it coming out real soon. Lol. Other than that maybe listen to this music over and over and see what it inspires inside of you. Enjoy.

Serpico: a good retro movie

This is a very good film about corruption within the NYPD back in the 70’s. This is a very good film and had a lot of good messages. But the only thing is he had to pay a heavy price for being honest, but sometimes being honest is worth the cost.



Trois Like it Hot by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company

Concrete Studios
Concrete Studios

So this is what we first started out with while building the set for Trois Like it Hot, yes I realize its a study space and yes I realize that the set doesn’t look as life like as it could, but in spite of that the actors and actresses did a great job of performing and making the assumption that the studio apartment was real. No worries, have fun, more updates, coming soon. Thanks. Look for Trois Like it Hot on Vimeo on demand soon. Like next week. Until then, movie, talk, see, do, out.