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The Twilight Zone: I Am the Night Colour Me Black

This was a pretty cool episode of the Twilight Zone. I think it had some good information regarding life and justice and right and wrong. They did such a good job of describing human issues using the use of storytelling. Thanks again for watching. Maybe this episode will give you a great idea for a film. Enjoy.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Mink

So on another Alfred Hitchcock tip and watched this show. This one didn’t really scare me or have me on the edge of my seat. Not going to give it away….the writing was really good……and I can see how this looks having been in situations like this before. So it’s a good idea to watch it and see for yourself……

The Twilight Zone, “Execution”

Wow, the writing in this episode was Awesome. This episode deals with Violence, Justice, and Retribution.  Enjoy.

Twilight Zone – The Obsolete Man

Twilight Zone-The Obsolete Man…..wow..this one was really good. Not going to give it away. But many time people in power don’t make changes unless it involves themselves.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Robert Mulligan

This was a great film. I loved the role of Atticus Finch because I can reaidly identify with his character of doing what’s right in spite of everyone around doing otherwise and knowing the odds are against you and going in any way. Well enjoy.

Here’s a link to the imdb page and a link to rent the film