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#Oldboy Oldeuboi {2003} by Chan-wook Park

This film was pretty amazing.  These film goes where most people wouldn’t dare. But then you understand why later on. Watch this move alone if you are brave. But if not have a friend around you or someone you can trust so you can stay grounded in reality.

I’m not going to give away anything. Just watch this thriller/horror. that was well done.


Link to watch this film. This isn’t an affliate link. I just thought this was a cool movie.

Horror Film: The Room-2012-Film Review

So I was flipping thru a popular video viewing platform and then came across this title. It was pretty cool. It was called The Room.

The film starts off pretty slow but then proceeds to speed up. I don’t want to give away the movie. But the ups and downs of a relationship come into play.

The one thing that i have to give the director and cast credit for is the ability to make the story come alive. There were very few characters involved in this project. But the few who were involved in the project did a great job. I wanted to tell whoever was in charge of casting and location scouting did an excellent job as well. If you have ADHD or can concentrate for a long period of time then don’t bother watching this movie.

Here’s a link to the film