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#Driven to #Succeed #Film directed by Mark Colegrove

This is a pretty awesome Micro-Budget film that I found while using one of our subscription services.  If you take things seriously then don’t watch this film. But if you like to laugh at non sense and hidden meanings then check out this film.

Driven to Succeed Film Cover Art directed by Mark Colegrove
Hilarious micro budget comedy film about a car driving school Driven to Succeed Film Cover Art directed by Mark Colegrove.

This film is totally funny, again, if you like non-sense humor then this film will make you laugh.  I don’t wanna give away too much about the plot but a owner of a driver’s education school get’s blackmailed by a rival politician and then he has to deal with all the shanigans that go on with running a business. So check it out. You can watch it here



Here a link to a trailer


Lastly this is a link to the company’s website.



In the Mood for Love (2000) directed by Kar Wai Wong

This is feature film that was really good about two couple going thru trying situations. I don’t want to give the movie away but it’s really good. Enjoy.