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The Game of Sand (Film) directed by Jamaal R. James

So just a little shameless plugging. I am directing a film that was a short but turned into a feature called, “The Game of Sand”, final selection on the actors and location is being made today or manana(tomorrow). So enjoy this little promo clip that I threw together. Enjoy.


Cynthia -A short horror film HD

Browsing around the internet this morning and came across this short horror film. It was interesting to say the least in regards to set up and delivery. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Check it out yourself. Enjoy.

The Twilight Zone: The Night Call

This episode of the Twilight Zone was really good as well. Rod or whoever wrote this story had a very good talent of writing stories that appealed to certain demographics of the market, and whoever did it, did it so well. I aspire to be able to be this great one day. Until then, enjoy.

The Poltergeist (1982)

Of course as a kid I remember watching this film with my family. It was an awesome film. The lady with the weird squeaky voice made the film more scary than it actually was……..the film in hind site is more about the middle class fear of losing their status or position by unknown means…as the intro talks about everything being the same and looking the same….maybe I’m reading too much into it. But the kids are affected..everything is affected. Well here’s the trailer you be the judge. Have a Great Day.