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BLIND LOVE || Hindi Hot Short Film

This was a cool short film that I found online about love and what not. Enjoy it and check it out. LOL.



Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Bang, You’re Dead

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

This episode was pretty good as well as it dealt with children and the importance of keeping things where they should be and inaccessible to children…..this would have made a great PSA. So enjoy………

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Man From The South

In this episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents a group of gamblers get together and do some risky things…..Lol…this was pretty good..I think what he was saying is…..people take needless risks sometimes that can be very costly…..enjoy!

The Twilight Zone: The Purple Testament

In this episode of the Twilight Zone…..a military lieutenant can see the faces of men that are soon to die. People think he is crazy. This film is just a reminder that just because you can see things doesn’t mean that others can…in regards to ideas and concepts. Enjoy. Thank you. Mr. Serling.



The War of the World’s Broadcast by George Orson Welles

This is just a reminder of the power of the imagination and our ability to be influenced by the POWER of story. So check this broadcast out by Orson Welles in which he talks and people are listening…but listen to the way he speaks and the convincingness that he isn’t just reading a book but telling a story….so give it a try…and I also included a clip of him apologizing about the reading of the story……..well here it is…….one more factor this clip was played on Halloween’s Eve…..so that might be another reason people were so fearful…..


The Twilight Zone-The Hunt

In this episode of The Twilight Zone The Hunt, a man and his dog go on a trip, and something happens. That’s all not going to give it away. This was more of a short story/short film to me than anything else because the storyline was pretty simple none the less it still emanated from theeeeeeeee. Twilight Zone. Did you know that Rod Sterling didn’t want to say that line and thought it seemed corny…but that’s a staple of the show when he says that. Have a wonderful day.