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#Bright #ScienceFiction Thriller on #Netflix

So even though this blog is about low budget and micro-budget films from time to time if a movie or project is strong enough and grabs my attention then I have to share.  I know Will smith is a great actor and has had hits and flops.  But this trailer for Bright seems like the film will be a thinking man’s film but enough excitement and action to keep adrenaline junkies happy as well.  Well see if there’s any love story subplots as well.  Well enjoy and watch the trailer and check out the movie on December 22, 2017.

The Karate Kid (2010)


I really loved this movie. It was well written and well done. The scene where they were on the playground stood out in my mind. If you’ve ever been singled out by a group of bullies and had to fight back, this scene will resonate with you. No friends to have your back. Your just solo.